e3 Enterprise Application

Through the development of an extensive network of vendors and partners, SE Laboratories is able to deliver a high-quality, comprehensive service package to our customers. Our enterprise software (e3) provides an advanced customer tool for calibration program management, making SE Laboratories a full service solution.

Developed onsite at SE Laboratories, e3 was introduced in July 2000. The system processes 30,000 transactions per day, and tracks over 200,000 items of customer equipment. Accessible anywhere via the Web, e3 manages all data for each piece of equipment, from basic unit identification to advanced logistics. e3 provides you with powerful control over your calibration program.

Some of the primary features of e3 include:

  • Instrument database including location, ownership, and recall
  • Ability to schedule instrument pickups and monitor deliveries
  • Online access to calibration certificates
  • Online access to service and change history
  • Online access to invoices and account statements
  • Customizable equipment searches
  • Real-time equipment service monitoring
  • Advanced recall, inventory, and performance report generation

The e3 system continues to evolve, driven by customer needs, with enhancements being implemented by our development team. Contact a SE Laboratories Sales Representative today to find out how we can help you and your calibration program thrive.

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